Alex Lato

In 2008 Dany Huppermans, (producer, engineer, composer) was called by the owner of Blue Turtle studios, Los Angeles, to help with the production of an English rock band called The Fuse - recently signed by Russ Regan, the man behind Elton John, Barry White, and Marvin Gaye.

In LA, he met Alex Lato, the lead singer of the group, and a brilliant partnership was born, with London Girl making number two in the Australian Indie Chart. In 2011 Alex and Dany started working on Alex’s debut solo album, released in Benelux on the first November 2013, by VMV Music and Rough Trade.



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1980Born London
1987First recording
1994Forms ‘Introvert’
1996Introvert becomes Ferris
1998Ferris disbands
2004Alex wins Rock Category in the UK Songsearch with Crib. 2005 – Forms Isis. The band lasts 9 months.
2006Alex becomes a finalist in the Rock Star Lottery.
2007Forms Lato. Lato signed in LA to Velocity Entertainment. Meets the Belgian, Dany Huppermans in LA where Dany coproduces the Lato album ‘The Rest IS History.’
2008Release under own label of ‘Lato – The Rest Is History.’ 3AM gains 14 consecutive weeks in the Australian Independent Radio charts, peaking at number 2.
2009Lato becomes The Fuse
2010Fuse supports UB40, plays festivals in Holland and Germany.
2011Alex begins to co-write ‘Black As Night’ , VMV artist Romy Conzen’s debut album, and starts work on a solo album.
2012Alex and Dany begin to develop songs for an Alex Lato debut album.
2013Alex signs to VMV music. VMV assemble the musicians for the album, who include the Belgian, Christophe Genette, and Germans Robby Mildenberger, Alex Vesper, and Marius Goldhammer.


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