Dany is a producer, engineer, composer, and bass player.

After playing bass with various bands during the late 70’s, in 1982 he joined Key West, the solo project of drummer Ruddy Lenners, who had just left The Scorpions. The band released one LP.

In1984 Dany formed Init, who went on to have conisderable success on the Belgian underground scene, and through 1985-6 began to be in great demand as a session bass player, and increasingly as a producer.

In 1987 he decided to capitalise on his growing reputation by building his own recording studio – Init Studio near Liege.

The studio became a great success, and within a few years, rock, reggae, punk, and even metal bands were travelling from all round Europe to record there.

As a result of his growing reputation, Dany became affiliated with various international record labels, Runn Reggae (NL), Mad Professor (UK), Barry O’Hare (Jamaica).

In 2008, after 25 years in Liege, Dany moved to LA where he was recruited by Russ Regan’s Velocity Entertainment to work with London Indie band Lato, and following this worked freelance with groups in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Marrakesh.

In 2011, Dany formed VMV, a new record label, and signed Romy Conzen, whose album is in post production. He is also working on pre-production with Alex Lato, lead singer of The Fuse, on his solo project.